Many homes for sale here in South Florida are located in great kid-friendly communities. Since many of these communities are run by HOAs there are great advantages for families. HOAs often have community clubhouses with an activities director who’ll plan events and classes for all. Also, these communities often have pools, tennis courts, gyms and tot-lots where kids and their families can get to know one another.

South Florida also has fabulous country clubs. These communities generally have more luxurious amenities, a larger staff working for the community, their own restaurant(s) and often an onsite spa and at least one golf club. An equity buy-in/initiation fee is due the association at the time of purchase and this can range from $20,000 at the low end to $150,000. In addition to the HOA fee there is an annual membership fee depending on the kind of membership. This runs around $12,000 for a basic/social membership and goes upward to an all inclusive (tennis, golf etc.) usually around $65,000 to $85,000 per year. Each community is different. A small number of them have sections without mandatory memberships in which case you are limited to the use of the satellite pool. Some of the memberships are sold with the house and some are bought independent of the home.

There are of course lots of homes that are not in HOAs/COAs  or co-ops and many buyers prefer not to have a community run association. For buyers having an association, mandatory membership or not is a matter of personal preference and what is an advantage for one may be a deterrent for another.  Call me to help you with your choices!

It is all up to you! South Florida has it all! 

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